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Will the Millennium Bring Enlightenment?


As we approach the millennium, many on the spiritual path are aware of a kind of quickening, an energetic intensification, an expectation of something special on the horizon. Depending upon one’s philosophical/theological perspective, different scenarios are anticipated. Some look for various versions of the Second Coming with cosmic battles between good and fallen angels. Others look to good and bad aliens to fight it out over humanity’s fate. Some expect the new millennium to be ushered in with catastrophic earth changes, possibly wiping out large portions of the human race and much of the current flora and fauna.

From a scientific perspective there are many different ways the earth and humanity could be destroyed, from pole shifts to asteroid strikes, from natural disasters to human errors. The end could come through a combination of natural and supernatural events.


Millennial Predictions

Edgar Cayce gave a number of readings regarding possible earth changes occurring before the millennium. There are two important points abut those readings that tend to be ignored in the media’s millennial feeding frenzy. None of Cayce’s predictions were given as inevitable. The actual outcome, he said, would have much to do with what humanity is able to accomplish in terms of changing its consciousness and growing spiritually. Also, although the year 1998 looms large in Cayce’s predictions, the earth changes he spoke of were not all destined to occur in that year. Cayce spoke of the 40-year period from 1958 to 1998 in which a number of earth changes, some quite devastating, might take place. We have certainly seen earth changes and natural disasters within that time period but nothing of a really cataclysmic nature. I see no reason to believe that the more cataclysmic outcomes would wait until the last year to manifest.

Another factor not considered in much millennial prophecy is that the year 2000 is pretty much an arbitrary number. Most of the world’s population does not follow the calendar that places that particular time as the year 2000. Such a designation is based on the Christian calendar and most of the world’s population is not Christian. Furthermore, most Christian biblical scholars do not believe that Jesus was born in the year traditionally given for His birth. If that’s the case, the year 2000 would occur at a different time altogether. Perhaps Cayce’s use of 1998 instead of 2000 takes into account this difference in the actual year of Jesus’ birth.

Despite the uncertainty regarding the actual end of the millennium and despite the fact that we are a minority as far as our calendar is concerned, the turn of the millennium is still significant and contains great psychic energy just because we have decided it is important and meaningful.


Mind Is the Builder

I do not believe we live in a universe in which events simply happen to us, whether they are purely personal or global in nature. If Cayce is right in his oft-repeated statements that “thoughts are things” and “Spirit is the life; mind is the builder; physical is the result,” then we are very much involved in what happens to us personally and, as a mass consciousness, what happens to us globally.

Add to the millennium the idea that we are moving into a new astrological sign, the “Age of Aquarius,” and we can see that there is an opportunity to use this heightened energy and attention to make something really positive happen, whether or not there is any cosmic plan involved.

What might that be? What is really possible for human beings in terms of body, mind, and spirit transformation? What is possible for moral transformation, for global ecological and political transformation? What are the limits to human potential within the physical framework, if any? What are we really here to do?

Are we here just to pay back our past-life karma? Are we here in order to learn what we need to do to get out of here? Is Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, God realization, or enlightenment possible for the masses? Is there a transformation we can participate in while in the midst of our busy lives, one that doesn’t involve divine or alien intervention? Can we participate in personal and global transformation without becoming puppets or victims of someone else’s program, however superior those running the program may be?