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I Wonder Who’s Possessing Her Now

I really don’t know what possessed me to write this article. I think it’s because, once again, I found myself at the tail end of yet another bandwagon, already too late to get in on the major goodies. Depossession is a booming business, the latest fix for New Age junkies. (A woman in Los Angeles was charging $1,000 for a depossession. That is $1,000 per spook.) Since most of the market has already been cornered, I’m going to have to be satisfied with spin-offs.

The first spin-off will be offering depossesion for pets. Obviously most pets are possessed, especially cats, and if people can afford psychiatrists and major surgery for their pets, they can afford depossession. My second business will be Rent-a-Demon (RAD). This for those who feel out of it because all their friends have been depossessed at least once and they’re not even possessed yet.

Of course, I will happily take the demon back once the client has hackle-raising stories to share. Finally, I will offer repossession. No one seems to realize that some people may miss their demons. If you’ve been depossessed and you miss your demon, or would like another, repossession can be arranged for a very nominal fee.


Modern Depossession

I first ran across the “modern” version of depossession in two brief articles, one by Dick Sutphen and the other by Edith Fiore. I was appalled at the time but thought it was just a passing aberration. A year or so later I came across an article on depossession in The Journal of Regression Therapy. I was even more appalled and realized that this was becoming a booming business. Since then I have read Edith Fiore’s book on the subject and a friend of mine told me that depossession was being taught in her hypnotherapy training.

It is my intention in this article to expose depossession as simply one of the more blatant examples of putting old age garbage in New Age garbage bags. The depossession game exemplifies the worst of old age thinking and practices. Before I can talk about that, however, I have to talk about what old age thinking and practice is, and how it differs from that of the New Age.


Old Age/New Age

The idea of a New Age seems to be pretty amorphous even for those who are consciously involved in it. There is a tendency to identify the New Age with the trappings rather than the principles. Just as the general public tends to think of the New Age in terms of channeling, psychics, astrology, tarot, crystals, shamans and space brothers, so too do New Agers themselves. What’s hilarious about this is that none of this stuff is new (except perhaps the space brothers, and who knows how long that’s been going on?). Ancient concepts of spirit communication, out-of-body travel, reincarnation and psychic healing are supposedly the “cutting edge” of the New Age. To channeling I say, “Just ‘cause you’re dead don’t mean you’re smart!” To the rest of the New Age trappings I would say, “Just ‘cause it’s old don’t mean it’s true”

The New Age is not the trappings, any more than the old age is its trappings. The old age is characterized by a certain philosophical framework, a certain way of looking at the world and at individuals. The New Age, if it is to be truly new, will be about a new philosophical framework, a new way of looking at the world and individuals. Following is my brief description of old and New Age.


What’s the Difference?

One of the basic differences between the old and New Age is a difference in the characterization of human beings. The way we view ourselves as a race is fundamental to everything else we do or think. The old age view of humans comes primarily from three different sources, each of which promotes some negative views.

The first is the Judeo-Christian heritage. Because of the Adam and Eve screw-up, we’re all sinful and flawed. Even though not all Christians accept the concept of original sin, the idea still permeates Judaism and Christianity. Somehow, we’re definitely not okay just because we’re human.

This idea continues to be played out in the New Age spiritual systems that see physical reality as being a definitely less desirable state than being in spirit. Being physical is a form of slumming at best and a form of punishment at worst. The idea of karma fits in nicely with this idea of I’m-not-okay, you’re-not-okay. Our purpose on earth isn’t to have a good time, to love and enjoy ourselves and others. Our purpose is to pay what we owe and then get the hell out of here as quickly as possible.     Continued >>


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